March 1, 2019   PRESS RELEASE 

Local hospitals at risk from nightmare cyber attack as dramatised in Holby City / Casualty BBC crossover special

For the first time since 2005, the cast of Holby City and Casualty are joining for a two-part crossover special when Holby City Hospital descends into chaos after a major cyber-attack.

The fictional hospital will be plunged into a blackout that disables most of Holby’s automated monitoring equipment when the two special episodes are aired on Saturday 2, March and Tuesday 5, March on BBC One.

The cyber attack puts the lives of both staff and patients at risk and raises the possibility of how local hospitals would cope should this nightmare security scenario happen in real life.

Counter cyber terrorism expert Michael Schindler, a security expert and director with Transformational Policing Associates (TPA), says such an attack is a genuine possibility, and key to minimising any impact is advance planning.

Mr Schindler says: “All industry sectors are facing increased cybersecurity threats and there have been a number of significant, high-profile cybersecurity breaches.

“These have involved the loss of customer data, direct financial loss and reputational impact. These incidents have highlighted the importance of having basic and effective cybersecurity procedures and controls in place.

“When, rather than if, such an attack were to happen at a health care facility, the stakes become very high, very quickly. In such a scenario, it really can be a matter of life and death.

“A simple cyber attack could result in machinery shutting down or malfunctioning, power being disrupted, patients’ records lost, ambulance services diverted, test results delayed and operations cancelled.”


February 5, 2019   PRESS RELEASE 

Appeal to Prime Minister to consider ‘catastrophic’ consequences in Northern Ireland as a result of a no deal brexit

As Theresa May arrives in Northern Ireland today to give a speech on avoiding a hard border with the Republic, international security experts are warning of the potential economic and social impacts of a no deal Brexit.

Experts from Transformational Policing Associates (TPA), specialists in counter-terrorism policing protest, cybersecurity, economic crime and fraud prevention, are appealing to the Prime Minister to take into full consideration Northern Ireland’s unique political and economic dynamics

Retired PSNI Superintendent Ken Pennington, now a leading international expert in counterterrorism, public order and decision management with TPA, says: “Theresa May must recognise that Northern Ireland is now in a lose/lose situation.

“No Deal is catastrophic to the free movement of people on this island and provides a narrative for nationalist terror groups and justification for the creation of ‘Wild West’ economy in border regions.

“If the ‘Backstop’ is removed, there will be the need for customs checks in the South and a need for customs (and by consequence) security checks in the North. The idea of pushing these checks back away from the border in the North creates a ‘free play area’ for organised crime and terrorism.

“Intelligence also strongly indicates that dissident Republican terrorist groups will also seek to exploit the narrative that Brexit is an English imposition on the people of Ireland with a view to recruitment and community support.”


January 24, 2019   PRESS RELEASE 

Plan now for potential Brexit-related public disorder

Transformational Policing Associates, specialists in policing, counter terrorism policing protest, cyber security, economic crime and fraud prevention, has produced a report entitled Brexit and Protest detailing the possible scenarios and outcomes of the Brexit roll out and how they may influence and motivate public order.


January 24, 2019   SPECIAL REPORT

Brexit and Protest – ‘It is going to take a lot of hard work to make nothing happen’

Increasingly, TPA has been receiving enquires from private sector businesses seeking advice on how to prepare for any public order disruption during the Brexit transition period.

This is the motivating factor for producing this briefing document on possible Brexit scenarios, (including no deal, major renegotiation, another referendum, a general election and cancel Brexit) and the possible protest and public/social/industrial disorder that could occur following each.

This report is politically neutral and based on the facts and risk factors only. It is informed by contemporary data, interpretation of intelligence, experience and expertise and an overview of relevant geopolitical factors.

None of these scenarios projects well as political requirements will inevitably run contrary to a sizeable groups’ preferred outcome and in our professional opinion protest is to be expected in an arena of such high tension.

This report is intended to aid the commercial sector in planning to mitigate the risks of each scenario. There is no point burying our heads in the sand as one of these scenarios is going to play out.

We certainly do not intend to scaremonger, but we are urging the private sector to start planning and preparing now to mitigate against all possible negative consequences. In our experience, it is always better to be proactive rather than reactive.

TPA has the expertise to provide more detailed insight and to develop solutions for many security concerns. Contact us for comment or book a confidential consultation to discuss planning and strategy to protect your vital business assets during a period of societal change and uncertainty.